Snapchat and Gucci Unveil “Shoppable” Augmented Reality Shoe Try-Ons

July 1, 2020 0Blog

Source: GMA Network

It’s now possible to try on shoes virtually and actually buy it, through Snapchat and Gucci’s augmented reality shoe try-ons.

Can’t step outside to buy those Gucci shoes you’ve been eyeing? No problem! Snapchat and Gucci have debuted its first “shoppable” augmented reality (AR) shoe try-on lenses.

The shoe try-on lenses basically work by overlaying a digital version of the shoes on the app user’s feet.

Snapchatters can now virtually try on four Gucci shoes using two different lenses, as each lens showcases two pairs of shoes.

Plus, they can also purchase the shoes on the spot with the “shop now” button.

Gucci is the first brand to sponsor a “shoppable” global Snapchat lens that lets consumers try on a pair of shoes before buying them.

However, this is not their first time Gucci and Snapchat have collaborated.

Last year, they have launched a Portal Lens, which virtually transports Snapchatters to a Gucci-themed island.

And Gucci has also collaborated with director and visual artist Harmony Korine and Snapchat for a limited edition pair of the latter’s latest Spectacles.

The AR lenses have already been launched in Australia and will soon be available to Snapchatters in the US, UK, France, Italy, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced many to temporarily avoid malls and fashion outlets in fear of contracting the dreaded disease.

But, it definitely won’t stop people’s love for retail therapy, especially with the prevalence of online shopping platforms.

And it definitely looks like “shoppable” virtual try-ons are the future of fashion e-commerce.

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