TikToker Develops ‘Genius’ Hack for Color Swatching Makeup Without Spending Money

April 6, 2021 0Blog

Source: Yahoo Sports

A woman on TikTok figured out a clever way to color swatch makeup while still adhering to pandemic safety guidelines — which often prohibit trying on communal products in stores like Sephora.

TikToker Amanda Luk shared the video of her makeup hack at the end of March and it quickly racked up almost 5 million views. After taking multiple screenshots of various shades of Kat Von D’s Good Apple Skin-Perfecting Foundation Balm, Luk added used Snapchat to add the screenshot onto a photo of her face and neck. 

This granted Luk the capability to use Snapchat’s Color Dropper tool which, when hovered over the shade of foundation, will change the Snapchat pen color to that shade. Then, the TikToker colored in the space between her jawline and neck.

For beauty amateurs, the jawline is the best place to color swatch makeup because it has the most even complexion.

“This isn’t a perfect way to find your match, but it definitely helps,” Luk wrote in the video’s comments. “Personally I’ve never had a great foundation match.”

On a positive note, Luk added that this trick helped her identify her undertones.

“I used to always think I had a yellow undertone so I always got the warmer foundations, but lately I’ve been confused,” she said. “Doing this really helped me fully solidify that I have a neutral undertone.”

Knowing your undertone can also add to finding a foundation that best suits your skin and coloring.

“This is so genius,” one commenter wrote.

“That video definitely helped me!” another added. “I never like going into the store!”

“I don’t even know where to start so I’m definitely going to try this!” another wrote.

In a follow-up video, Luk determined how accurate the Snapchat swatch test was. Although she didn’t buy the Good Apple foundation, she did the exact same trick with the Rare Beauty foundation line and ended up buying a bottle from it.

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