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 Initiative to push regional connections to 700 million

To cushion the effects of bad economy on their finances, more Nigerians are embracing smartphone financing schemes. The scheme allows intending users without adequate funding at hand to get a device of their choice after making an initial deposit, with the remaining balance spread over a period of time.


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Snapchat is a popular messaging app, especially among youth, that allows people to text and send pictures and videos to anyone that they “add” on the platform. Karen Ghaddar, a freshman at the University of Massachusetts majoring in public health and health sciences, utilized the option to create a “group story” where anyone that she adds can take pictures or videos to post.


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Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr.

Anyone interested or participating in tech must have heard about cybersecurity and understand how important it is today. Also, the average Nigerian has either experienced or listened to a tale or two about the effects of cyber-insecurity. However, for the sake of a proper introduction, let’s begin today’s piece with a simple definition.