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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and is challenging the business landscape globally. Pre and Post COVID-19 market outlook is covered in this report. This is the most recent report, covering the current economic situation after the COVID-19 outbreak.


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Microsoft has its own Windows NT kernel, based on which is the latest Windows 10 operating system. But as interesting as it may sound, there’s a Windows OS version based on Linux kernel as well. Spotted by a Redditor and shared by Liliputing website, there is a ‘Windows 12 Lite’ operating system available in the market. It has been mentioned that Windows 12 Lite, a software that has not been announced officially anywhere, is a Linux distro based on LiteOS that has a Windows 10 wallpaper.

From the image of the pamphlet shared by the Reddit user and the official website named webhouses.co.uk/lite, ‘Windows 12 Lite’ is said to be for those users who wish to upgrade from Windows 7. “Lite’s 4.8 desktop is designed for those who migrate from Windows 7 with the Lite background. You just add it to your pictures then select it as background using System settings,” states the website.

Also mentioned in the promotional pamphlet is that the operating system boots up in 15 seconds, which is way less than Windows 10. It is also touted to be secure, free from ransomware and doesn’t upgrade during work.

One of the features advertised for ‘Windows 12 Lite’ is that it is free from adverts and has a ‘great’ support forum.

Of course the ‘Windows 12 Lite’ is far from anything official and it will be hours before Microsoft strikes a hammer on it for potentially violating the trademark/copyright and asks to remove it before users start downloading and installing it. Even the website doesn’t look complete and is outright bad with old design and shady information.

So don’t fall for this and we recommend you to use a genuine version of the operating system.